Fase 1 - Frequently Asked Questions

Are nuts and seeds okay on Induction even though they have carbohydrates?

New Atkins is about controlling your carb intake and eating those Phase 1 that are the most nutrient-dense. Different nuts and seeds have different percentages of fat, protein and carbohydrate. We don't recommend eating them during the first two weeks of Induction. But after that if you are continuing to lose weight steadily, you can try introducing some. Note, however, that nuts and seeds may contain mould, which could trigger an allergic response.
It’s worth mentioning that nuts are notoriously hard to eat in moderation. One leads to another until you may have eaten several ounces/grams. Try buying small packets so you won't be tempted to over indulge.

I’m used to counting calories. How many am I allowed on Induction?

The New Atkins nutritional approach counts grams of carbohydrates instead of calories. In Induction, you are allowed 20 grams of carbs. When you progress to Ongoing weight loss, you gradually add carbohydrates in 5-gram increments as you move toward Pre-Maintenance, and finally, in 10-gram increments as you approach the Maintenance Phase. On the New Atkins nutritional approach we don’t make you count calories. However for weight loss purposes we suggest you aim for a healthy range. For women that range is approximately 1500 to 1800 calories. For men that range is approximately 1800 to 2000 calories per day. Be sure to limit empty calories and follow the acceptable foods list for whichever Phase you are currently in.
Research has shown that on a controlled carbohydrate program, more calories are burned than on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, so there is a certain metabolic advantage to the controlled carb approach. But this doesn’t not give you a license to gorge.
The real goal of the New Atkins program is to learn eating habits that will enable you to permanently maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This includes changing old habits, such as portion size and overeating, which contributed to your original weight problem.

I’m not far from my goal weight, what will happen if I come off New Atkins altogether and just eat healthily?

Congratulations on almost reaching your goal weight! If you’re within one stone of your goal you should be thinking of moving into Phase 2 of the New Atkins nutritional approach.
It's not advisable for you to switch back to eating a higher amount of carbs immediately, as this may lead to weight gain and water retention. Re-introducing carbs gradually will actually help you to continue to lose weight, while allowing you to assess your tolerance to carbs. It's very important to go through all four Phases of the New Atkins nutritional approach, until you've found your own New Atkins carbohydrate balance when you will be able to eat a variety of healthy foods and maintain your target weight.
If you’re one stone away from your goal weight and want to start adding more carbs into your diet, it's perfectly acceptable to go into Phase 2 and introduce 5 grams of carbs at a time. This means you'll be able to eat foods such as berries, pulses, nuts and seeds, as well as a greater variety of dairy foods, not to mention bars from the delicious Atkins Endulge range. When you’re within 10lbs (4.5 kg) of your goal weight, start adding carbs at 10 grams carbs a time and go into Phase 3 (Pre-Maintenance).

I was losing weight, and now have stopped. What do I need to do?

If you haven’t already, start to tracking your daily consumption of carbs. Research shows that when people track their consumption, they are much more likely to succeed at weight loss than those that don’t. It is important to check you are consuming 12-15 grams of carbs from foundation vegetables, every day. Most importantly, be patient. If you’re approaching your goal weight, your weight loss may slow down but, if you stick with your meal plan (get started here), your body will break through the stall.